True Nature Sudbury School are now Enrolling

We are thrilled and delighted to inform you that we are picking up the keys for our new school building this week!

We have a lot of work to do, to turn it into the brilliant & vibrant school environment we want it to be. However, we must balance this with responding to the needs of our prospective new students and paying the bills.

With this in mind, we have decided to work very hard to get the building ready to open the school for students on Monday 27th of March 2023.  

This will give us 3 months until school will close on 23rd of June for school holidays. During this period school will close for a shorter Easter break this year, as we do not want to disrupt the settling in period for students (school closed Thursday 6th and reopen Wednesday 12th of April)  

We will be offering approximately 20 places for student available places will be allocated over our four age ranges (approximately 5 places available in each age range)

Should the quota for an age range not be filled, then these places may be reallocated to another age range.

Up to 7 years                  8-10 years            11-13 years         14+ years

On enrolment you will be sent our enrollment policy which explains the process and payment of fees (which can be paid upfront or monthly on a payment plan, plus one month’s fees as a deposit)

We look forward to receiving enrolments and welcoming our new school community into our new home!

Kind Regards

Rachel & Ally