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We are a Sudbury school based on the democratic model of education, where children aged 5 to 18 years have unlimited opportunities for self-directed learning in a supportive environment. Democratically run, our school will give each child a chance to vote on real matters that affect them and others. With a respectful system of justice that is student–led and empowering for all.

This educational model was pioneered over 50 years ago in the US and has continued to expand worldwide to approximately 300 democratic schools today. For more information on the Sudbury School model, please check out our FAQ section.

We are influenced by the research and writings of many philosophers, academics, and practitioners. We are particularly inspired and grateful for the support from Sligo Sudbury School, Wicklow Democratic School, West Cork Sudbury School and our American friends from Sunset Sudbury School.

True Nature Sudbury School is now taking enrolments for 2024
We are the 4th Democratic School in Ireland, located in Clonalvy, Meath

The Sudbury School approach is built on the principles of Trust, Freedom, Respect and Responsibility.


Trusting that children are born with a natural drive and curiosity to learn.

Curiosity to learn


Freedom to follow their own interests and learn what is meaningful to them.

Own Interests


Respecting children as individuals who have a voice and should be listened to.

Listened to


Cultivating responsibility for themselves and their community through real decision making

Decision making

A42 XD43
(Formerly known as St. Finians N.S.)

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A42 XD43
(Formerly known as St. Finians N.S.)

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